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Best Casinos in Europe – Show up confident!

Are you native European? Are you taking a trip to Europe?

In the second case, maybe you will want to combine your sightseeing and cultural activities with a visit to one of the continent’s best casinos. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just like the odd flutter, each of these European casinos is worth checking out whilst you’re in town.

1. Resorts World, Birmingham (United Kingdom)

Resorts World, Birmingham

Let’s start with the largest casino in the United Kingdom: Resorts World, Birmingham. Resorts World is actually a giant entertainment complex, complete with dining, shopping, spa services, and other fun experiences. At the heart of it all, of course, is the casino. This high-end casino is only for people 25 years or older, and on the floor, you’ll find all your favourite games as well as 100 slot machines (with big jackpots) and 40 e-gaming terminals. When you need a break, head over to one of the restaurants or check out the rooftop drinks at Sky By The Water.

Important tips if you are new to this casino

Read on for some top tips to help you on your first visit.


Smart casual is the general rule, don’t feel you have to come dressed to the nines. Smart jeans and smart trainers are acceptable, however, club football shirts and muscle/vest tops, leisure wear, sportswear (tracksuit bottoms), and work uniforms are not permitted. For the security and safety of all our guests, it is vital that we can see people clearly on our CCTV system and so caps and other hats must be removed before entering the casino.


You can, of course, talk to the dealers but please remember that during busy times they have to look after a large number of guests. It would be a good idea to spend some time watching what the other players do so that you know what is appropriate. They can give help with the rules of the game, but they cannot give advice on how to bet.


Our floor waiting staff can serve drinks to you as you enjoy your game. You can pay using cash, cash chips, or with points from your loyalty card. Remember to keep drinks off the gaming tables and use the small trolley tables that are provided.


You’re more than welcome to simply watch a game, however, seats and positions immediately in front of the table are reserved for players.


No photography will be permitted within any gaming areas. However we know the selfie is now part of a great night out, so feel free to take photos of you and your group away from these areas, making sure you’re respecting other guests around you. If you are in the casino for a special occasion, please see a manager who may be able to allow larger photos within reason.


When playing games such as Blackjack and Roulette, you buy casino chips at the tables. Just place your money on the table and ask the dealer for some chips. There are two different types of chips, some with values and others without;

  • The ones with values are called “Cash Chips” and are effectively the currency within the casino. You can use them to play on any table you like.
  • The non-value chips are called “Colour Chips” and are only used on Roulette. They help the dealer identify who has which chips. Remember you cannot take “Colour Chips” away from the table you are playing on. When ready to leave a table tell the dealer “cash-out” and they will exchange them for cash chips.

When it’s time to leave, the dealer does not have access to cash at the tables so simply exchange your chips for cash at the cash desk.


As part of our new safety measures, all Guests to the casino will need to be Genting members. If you are not currently a member, don’t worry; you can sign-up for membership on arrival at the casino. Please ensure you have a valid photo ID with you in order to sign-up. We also offer special promotions and free offers exclusively for members so registration is a great way to get extra treats and explore the rest of Resorts World too.

2. King’s Casino, Prague (Czech Republic)

King’s Casino Resort

If you’re a poker fanatic, King’s Casino is for you. It has the largest poker room in Europe and since 2017 has hosted the World Series of Poker. You’ll be able to play all your favourite games here, including craps and roulette, and there are lots of slot machines to go around. You can pair an evening at the casino (or a full weekend) with a stay at the onsite 5-star hotel in one of its luxurious rooms or suites. There are spa services there, restaurants and buffets, and just about everything else you will need to have fun. This fantastic casino is a great addition to any Prague trip!

Choose from a wide selection of 15+ casino live games at 40 tables, such as Craps, Roulette, Black Jack and over 300 Slots . High limits and VIP salon for high stakes live games in total privacy available.


Play whatever you like, choose from wide range of live games and many slot machines.

Higher limits are available upon request.


One of the most exciting casino games is definitely craps. King’s features one of only two tables in Europe.


High stakes games in complety privacy. The VIP Salon offers casino games selected by the wishes of the client. The VIP salon offers a private entry, bar, bathroom with sauna and a massage room.

3. Kurhaus, Baden-Baden (Germany)


Of all Casinos in Germany, the Baden-Baden casino is the one best-known and richest in tradition. For nearly 200 years it has represented an unequalled claim to luxury and the world of experience of a casino. With its French roots and the premises in the classical Kurhaus in Baden-Baden, which was equipped in the 19th century with ornately decorated rooms modeled  after royal French palaces, it represents a tradition unique in Germany. It is only there that the iconic international casino flair can be found. 


Where better than in the historic vault of the Kurhaus could grandness and gambling better combine? There the casino with its slot machines creates a unique Las Vegas atmosphere. Over 140 slot machines, affectionately called one-armed bandits by many, illuminate the city’s lights. Among the particularly popular top games are “Novomatic – Book of Rah” or the popular risk ladder of the Merkur devices. Sometimes shimmering, sometimes calmer. But the visitor is always surrounded by this atmosphere in the vaulted ceiling, which is only conveyed by the slot machines. They make the lights of the spa town shine. Here you are in charge. You choose how high your stake should be. You decide whether you want to play poker, bingo or roulette in a modern way. 

This isn’t the typical casino you’d find in Vegas. All of its rooms are ornately decorated and modelled after French palaces, with enormous chandeliers and elaborate wall and ceiling paintings. It was certainly grand enough for Germany’s elite back in 1821 when it first opened. Roulette, blackjack, and poker are just some of your options here.

4. Dragonara Casino, St. Julian’s (Malta)

Other than being an upscale gaming and entertainment complex, Dragonara is hands down the casino with the best view. It’s built inside a 19th-century summer palace originally built by the Marquis Scicluna, and it’s surrounded by a colonnade on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Mediterranean. Much of the casino features are from the original palace. In addition to 18 live table games and plenty of slot machines, there’s also high-end dining and a fantastic bar on site.

The Dragonara Palace

There is an ancient Maltese legend that tells of a dragon that lived at the end of the San Ġiljan peninsula. Throughout the day and night, its booming roars would echo through the area, terrifying the residents and creating a powerful presence for the local dragon. Taking its name from the mystical beast, Dragonara Point saw rise to one of the most imposing and prevalent buildings in Malta: the Dragonara Palace.

Classic slots, video slots, progressive slots

With over 300 slots to choose from on the casino floor, you are spoilt for choice. Find your favourite game and start spinning! At Dragonara, variety truly is the spice of life. Players start earning points immediately when playing slots using their rewards card. Use your card to earn points by playing your favourite slot machine and redeem those points for additional bonuses. Novomatic has partnered with Dragonara to bring all the best in casino gaming. With the latest technology and hottest games, Novomatic ensures players always have access to the most exciting games.

5. Casino Estoril, Estoril (Portugal)

Casino Estoril is a great gaming and leisure complex distinguished by its ability to boost the arts and entertainment, and which no tourists fail to visit. Located in Estoril, 18 km from Lisbon and 20 km from its international airport, Casino Estoril is the largest in Europe, consolidating, year after year, a worldwide prestige.

Reference of Casino Estoril, Salão Preto e Prata is a prestigious show and diningroom. It´s equipped with state-of-the-art technology, with capacity to 1000 people. The most famous room in Casino Estoril is distinguished by the fact that it also hosts major international conferences. It is a true “show cathedral” in Portugal that selectively selects an artistic program of excellence.

Casino Estoril also has a modern auditorium with capacity for 350 people, which can host congresses, as well as jazz, theater, classical music or concerts. The art gallery is one of the most prestigious in the country, with permanent painting and sculpture exhibitions.

Meanwhile, the Chinese restaurant Estoril Mandarim has been distinguished as one of the most elegant in Europe, offering its customers the authentic art of cooking in the region of Guangdong, made with imported products.





Slot machines

Caribbean Stud Poker


Texas Hold’em


Although the outside doesn’t look like much in the daylight, Casino Estoril will fulfill most any gamblers appetite.  Casino Estoril is located in Estoril, Portugal and is right across the street from a nice beach.  There are well over a thousand slots, more than thirty five table games and an active poker room with daily tournaments.  You will find great dining including wonderful buffet at six restaurants. The casino is open every day from 3pm to 3am.