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Blueprint to slot machines – Plan your path towards victory!

Have you been playing slot games for a long time, yet something still seems to be off? Do you sometimes feel that you have a gaming style, but you have not yet figured out a strategy that suits you and still allows you to enjoy playing your favourite slot games without any interuption or too much overthinking? Are you in need of a complex, personalized, unique plans to play with bonuses when you choose to try to take advantage of them?

Just as any other circumstance in life, slot game strategies are also very ‘sensitive’ to apply by players. Why is that? Because every human being is different, every player of any casino is one of a kind, moreover players in different casinos tend to have a unique style and tactic.

To sum up the introduction, when a player decides to play with bonuses in any casino, most important is to find a strategy that matches the unique style and that is, most of the time, the hardest and most time-consuming task. There is a solution though! Let’s start with your best bets that bring you the highest chances of success.

Best slot strategy? Pick the best online slots

To boost your chances of success, the first thing you need to do is spot the slots that give you the best chances of winning. While going solely on a game’s return-to-player (RTP) rate isn’t always the best call, years of experience have proven that such games simply tend to benefit the player more in the long term.

However, a great slot will successfully combine slot volatility, RTP, betting limits, and bonus game features. Many slot machines have rewarded players generously, not through sheer return rate, but by combining all key components of a game.
We have put together a shortlist to help you understand what great slots look like. In our case, we recommend personal favorites such as:

1. Caishen Wealth – Booongo games
2. Mayan Blaze – Ruby play
3. Aztec Magic Megaways – Bgaming
4. WaterBlox Gigablox – Yggdrasil
5. Gonzo treasure hunt – Evolution
6. More Dragons Ladies – Ruby play
7. Nebula – Espresso
8. Book of Riches Deluxe Chapter 2 – Ruby play
9. Blazing Tiger – Ruby play
10. Joker Megaways – Games Inc etc…

If the games on the list aren’t immediately available in your locale, don’t worry. There are still many great slots to choose from, and you are bound to discover them quickly.

Finding a Strategy for the Slot Machines You Like

Each game is slightly different, and you will learn about most through playing slots and, admittedly, reading a few helpful reviews. In general, though, a slot machine strategy that works will come to a mix of knowledge about the game and your hands-on experience, whether in Las Vegas or at online casinos.

As mentioned before, focusing on the highest payback percentage slot machine is a great strategy. Of course, this doesn’t mean they have the highest chances of winning, as the slot’s specific volatility could be at odds with what you want to achieve in the short term.

However, a casino slot with a higher-than-average RTP will always make it possible to win in a few more instances than older slots that sport a modest 95%. Then again, you ought to know that games such as Book of Dead don’t offer much in terms of return-to-player, but they do well when you factor in all the fantastic features that offer slight but tangible rewards for the casino player.

Does every successful slot strategy take into consideration the highest RTP slots? Perhaps not, but it’s a good starting point if you are new to the seemingly endless world of online slots. Remember, high RTP does not necessarily mean the best odds to win.

Try the Free Play Feature Frequently

You can play slot machines for free, and that is precisely what you should do. All trusted casinos set the Random Number Generator (RNG) to reflect the real money settings when you are playing. In other words, you have direct access to each slot machine documentation and can study its features up close, as well as try the payouts.

You will always want to approach a slot with care and even trust your fellow players’ opinions on whether a slot makes sense to play. The best way to be certain is to check out the freeplay slot version and see what the dynamic of the game is.

Volatility is key to a good strategy

For a while there, the slot community only cared about the RTP, but as resources became readily available online, the player base has found out about volatility. You know what volatility is already – it’s the frequency of producing a winning combination relative to the amounts you win on average. There are three types of volatility:

  • Low Volatility
  • High Volatility
  • Medium Volatility

Low volatility means that you will win more often but win less. High volatility means that you need to arm yourself with some patience and play slots while waiting for a bigger payout. Medium volatility tries to balance and give you the most out of the slot machines.

Which one is best for you will depend on some factors that are unique to your situation. How much can you afford to lose is usually one of those? Are you playing on a tight budget, or do you have a little more to spend, allowing you to play rounds without turning any profit in anticipating a more substantial win?

It really boils down to slot players choosing what online slot they prefer, but it’s best to take advantage of the casino games that fit your personality.

Claim free spins and pick the best casinos

Now, we are not suggesting that you make free spins bonuses a major part of your slot machine strategy, but we can confirm that adding free spins to your gaming session will boost your odds of winning, notwithstanding any playthrough requirements.

Remember about wagering requirements and consider the slot machine you will be spending the free spins on. Each spin will have an inherent value, too, which is usually set at 0.10. A big win may occur during the free spins bonus, but you must remember that the winnings will be capped.

Nevertheless, despite some of the limitations, there are many great bonuses that promise to boost your slot experience and, if you are willing to deposit and pay for a welcome bonus, for example, you may end up boosting your bankroll by a fair bit right from the start.

Only Bet What You Can Afford to Lose

Understandably, an online slot is neither good nor bad. It’s a pure probability with the odds stacked against you – just the right amount. To be more successful playing slots, though, you will want to only play with money you can afford to lose playing. Many players approach slot machines as a source of income, which is wrong.

Yes, you can win, and you can win big, but there is no formula to it. The number of hours or the amounts you bet per spin won’t make much of a difference. Therefore, you must understand how the paytable works and know when a slot is just running against you, and you need to cool off a bit, but most importantly.

Do not ever pine after the money you have lost on slots online. Treat the activity as a hobby, and don’t spend another moment worrying about what slot machines.

Quick Final Tips for Slot Machines

  • Pick the slots with the highest RTP
  • Don’t forget to check the volatility
  • Jackpots are good as long as the game is worth it
  • Read player slot reviews
  • Play with trusted casino websites (such as LuckyBar, Sunclub, MobileCasino888, Vipslots, Superbigwinner etc.)
  • Make the best out of free spins promotions
  • Learn when to walk away from slot machines

These tips are just general guidelines on how to approach slot machines. You will soon realize that, in the process of playing these games, you will come up with your own slot machine strategy or strategies that help you win a little more consistently.